The Roof Repair Company

Need a roof repair? Our team of expert roof repairers will go anywhere in Long Island to provide the best quality roofing more..

Roof Restoration and Repairs

Even the best made and highest quality roofs will deteriorate over time, particularly if they’re exposed to harsh elements such as storms, strong winds, hail or pesky more..

We Provide Roof Repairs All Across Long Island

We provide roof repair services all over Long Island, so whatever suburb you’re in we can more..

We are specialists in Roof Repairs, Leaks & Restorations

LI RoofStar Repair is Long Islands leading roofing restoration and repairs company servicing the metropolitan area around NY.  read more..

Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is, in theory, supposed to increase the flow of air throughout your attic. This system will reduce humidity in your attic; thereby, preventing a buildup of mold within your walls and improving the quality of air throughout your home. read more...

Maintain Your Slate Roof Tiles

How often do you look at a person’s roof? The answer would surprise you! Over 60% of individuals always stop and take a look at the roof of a house.  read more...

Ask Your Roof Repair Specialist

You would probably need a roof repairer to come someday and check the condition of your roof. Your roof could give you various issues depending on the quality and how you maintain your roof. read more