Roof Drone Inspections

Aerial Roof Inspection

RoofStar roof inspections by drones are now a major part of how we do our initial roof inspections. We can now use drones to inspect the roof and other areas of the home without the need for expensive rental equipment thus saving the homeowner money.  It also allows us the convenience to do it almost anytime of the year without the risk that comes with being on the roof.

Inspections by drones allow us to check the quality of the roof after major repairs and storms in just a matter of minutes. You can spot any possible damage to the roof after a storm passes through your area and check out hard to reach areas, such as steep inclined roofs. If you suspect a leak on your roof contact RoofStar for a Free Drone Roof Inspection.


Whether it be new roof installs or roofing repairs, from conception through conclusion, you’re getting the best guys in the business, which is why we continue to be Long Island’s number one provider for roofing solutions!


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