We Provide Roof Repairs All Across Long Island

We Provide Roof Repairs All Across Long Island

We provide roof repair services all over Long Island, so whatever suburb you’re in we can help.

Whatever the problem is with your roof, we can repair it. All you have to do is give us a call for an obligation free quote and consultation. Here’s a summary of services we provide:

Roof repairs
General roof repairs are our specialty. We’ve been in the industry for years which means we have experience delivering all kinds of repairs on all kinds of roofs. Quality of workmanship is something we take extremely seriously, as we know how important it is to have a roof that’s in perfect condition. You can rely on our professional and friendly team of roof repairers to deliver every time.

Tile roof repairs
Tiles are a popular choice of material for many roofs in Long Island. While tiles looks great, there are a number of things that can go wrong which will require repairs. Common types of repairs that can be required for tile roofs include re-bedding and re-pointing, cleaning of moss build up is another common requirement.

Roof leak repairs
A leaking roof is not only a massive inconvenience, it can be dangerous. If you’ve discovered a leak in your roof it’s important to get it checked out as quickly as possible, as there could be more damage in the roof than you realise. Leaks can cause structural damage over time which can lead to increased leakage and in bad cases even roof collapse. So, if you’ve got a roof leak give us a call and let us help you get it fixed.

Slate roof repair
If you have a slate roof that needs repairing we can help. While slate roofs are usually quite resilient, they can still become vulnerable in certain circumstances, such as if they’re not fitted properly originally and allow weather damage to permeate through. The nails that are used to keep the slates in place can also waste away over time, meaning the tiles can move out of place and expose the roof to water damage. Extreme storm conditions can also damage slate roofs by moving the slates out of place and exposing the roof to weather damage. Slate roof repairs are a specialty of ours and we’re able to provide obligation free quotes and consultations to fix these.

Metal roof repairs
Metal roofing is popular in Long Island for it’s price, recyclability, toughness, non-combustibility and vast array of offered colours. We use just the most reliable steel for all our metal roofing jobs. Our providers are renowned for supplying the toughest materials for roofs in Australia, so you can have assurance knowing your brand-new roofing will last for many years to come. The safety powder covering makes our steel far more resilient than zinc and aluminium items, and with correct installation, need to last for decades to come.

A metal roofing system replacement will normally take around 1-2 weeks, while a roofing repair will normally take about 1-2 days. Both these timeframes are dependant on the scale of the task and the weather. And don’t fret; we do all roofing replacements in a step-by-step process to guarantee that your house is waterproof at all times.

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